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Hi there! We’ve been quite busy here at The JAY Group. So busy that it’s taken us way too long to update our own brand and web presence. What do you think of our new site? We feel it reflects our growth and positioning much better, and really expresses our mission to make our clients heroes.

As we reflected back on 15 years in business, we really tried to turn inward and define for ourselves what it is that makes up unique. Our clients know that we send out a survey each year to measure our progress and help us monitor where our value is and what we need to do to improve. In examining these and many other inputs we receive throughout the year, we boiled our core competencies down to INSIGHTS and MOTIVATION.

Insights speaks to our market research and analytics capabilities. Our database marketing expertise and quantitative market research expertise enables us to provide our clients with the knowledge and insight they need to make smart decisions.

Motivation encompasses our marketing programs and branding practice. We have always been known for our loyalty marketing programs, including end-to-end loyalty marketing technology, email marketing, direct mail, and digital marketing. We are less known for our strong competencies in creative, branding, and advertising. But that’s changing!

The common denominator in all of our marketing programs is that we are completely focused on motivating prospects and customers to take action. Everything we do is designed with “action” in mind. After all, we are direct response marketers at heart.

So, we will be consolidating all of our blogging here and hoping to provide value to our community. Please check us out for our take on loyalty, education, retail, hospitality, casino, and many other topics in the wonderful world of marketing.

– The JAY Group team

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